Chocolate Pudding (healthy-ish)


So, there I was, craving something chocolaty and creamy and oooomnooomnom. I wanted something easy that wasn’t going to be terrible for me so to the internet I went. I found a lot of recipes for healthy pudding but I opted on throwing together the following (it didn’t come from any particular recipe):

Healthy-ish Pudding


2 boxes any kind of sugar-free, fat-free instant pudding (I used chocolate fudge jello)

2 containers of lite whip cream (I used cool whip)

3 cups milk (I used 30 calorie almond milk)


Mix pudding powder and whip cream together…add milk. Eat.

It’s pretty simple. Stick it in the fridge to firm up if you can be civilized and not devour it immediately. I apologize for NOTHING!

I didn’t take great photos because I wasn’t really thinking of blogging this but I figured that I might as well.